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Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.
Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.
Arch Taekwon do

Eleven Members Attain New Belt Ranks

Master Patrick Thimangu - Archtkd. Martial arts in USA. Taekwondo classes in St. Louis.

Arch Taekwondo, the city of St. Louis' premier school for the Korean martial art and sport of Taekwondo, held its 5th belt promotion tests May 12. Nine members of the school took and passed the tests judged by Mrs. Lisa Mella, Michael Pruett and Patrick L. Thimangu.

Arch Taekwondo members who took and passed their promotion tests where: John Meara, elevated to Blue Belt, 5th Geup; Leah Haynes, Stacy Newberry, David Rath and Devin Smart, elevated to Orange Belt, 7th Geup; and Patrick Ryan Alban, Glennon “Pete” Evans III, Benjamin M. Thimangu and LaTonja Thomas elevated to Yellow Belt,  8th Geup.

Arch Taekwondo held promotion tests on April 27 for Eric Greitens, who passed and was elevated to Green Belt, 6th Geup and Ametra Harris, who passed and was promoted to Yellow Belt 8th Geup.

Taekwondo, which means the way of the hand and foot, is a dynamic Korean martial art that
applies kicks, punches, blocks, footwork, evasive movement, joint locks and throws for self
defense against individual or multiple attackers. The art can be practiced by children and adults,
and helps them develop mental and physical fitness within a formal setting where the five tenets
of Taekwondo are stressed. The tenets are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and
indomitable spirit.

It takes about three years of steady practice for Arch Taekwondo members to attain 1st Dan (Degree) Black Belt certification in Taekwondo, from the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) in Korea. Mella, who helped judge the test on May 12 is a 3rd Dan Black Belt, who practices at Parks Martial Arts Academy in Ballwin, Mo. Pruette is a 1st Dan Blackbelt at Arch Taekwondo and Thimangu, a 4th Dan Blackbelt and Kukkiwon certified master instructor, is the principal and master instructor of the school.

For more information about Arch Taekwondo, please browse through our web site or call (314) 533-4999. Additional news and pictures about our dojang and Taekwondo can be found by clicking on our facebook page link at the bottom of this page.

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